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Dec 1, 2013 10:00pm EST
economy but with the confusion that has occurred but certainly where bobby did agree in the end they were going too far. >> don't forget before kennedy assassination as site jordan rapprochements but you could elaborate but it as part of kennedy is he would make an arrangement with castro. >> he did at that point and that comes with it. >> i would like to talk about this relationship of the difference between john kennedy and bobby kennedy. in the event he felt he was more close to bobby kennedy and jack kennedy. he was tough to get close to but he said john kennedy was a realist. robert kennedy at the heart of bobby kennedy he felt the problems of the issues of the country. john kennedy figured out if his mind. >> don't you seek bobby was much more because of what he had dead throat? like the assassination? >> john kennedy had the katy one '09 experience. >> but i take his life to take koldewey remember watching bobby and i was on the trail and the fall of the politicians know one changed as much as he did in my judgment. in the end he could still we the tough guy with all of those out t
Dec 7, 2013 8:00am EST
at several book withs that have recently aired on booktv about the u.s. economy and visit for this weekend's television schedule. >> next on booktv, andrew and stephen schlessinger present a collection of letters from their father. arthur schlesinger jr. was a special assistant to president kennedy, and his letters include correspondences with the kennedy family, lyndon johnson, henry kissinger and william f. buckley. this is about an hour. [applause] >> well, welcome, and thank you for that nice welcoming applause. and i want to thank you all for joining us for what i know is going to be a very special evening. as many of you know this year, vanderbilt welcomed john meacham with, i would say, wide arms and a very warm embrace as a distinguished visiting professor. [applause] and i think john has done well, and i hope we can take the visiting off pretty soon. [laughter] i would say that our political science students are just thrilled to have such a unique opportunity to learn from this accomplished historical scholar and celebrated to have. john's most recent book,
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2